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Miss Universe

Jennifer Hawkins is a much-loved Australian icon, media personality and entrepreneur with a combined social media reach of over 1.8 million followers.

Australia was first introduced to Jen in 2004 when she was crowned Miss Universe in New York City, where she based herself for the following year, whilst travelling the world speaking at events and bringing the world’s focus to ending HIV and AIDS.

Since her reign, Jen has continued to make headlines signing with some of the most well-known commercial products and gracing numerous covers of Australia fashion magazines.

An ardent businesswoman & property developer, Jen also owns and runs various commercial ventures with her husband Jake Wall including her tanning range, Jbronze and Sesión Tequila who are the current sponsor for LA Clippers.

In May 2019, Jen and Jake announced they were expecting their first child sending the media into a frenzy.

The world followed closely for the duration of Jen’s pregnancy and in October 2019, the couple welcomed a beautiful baby girl Frankie Violet Hawkins Wall.

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